Nilus and the croc tale.

by Admin 11. February 2011 19:56

-By Louise Webster.

Nilus is a local who lives in Patonga homestead and is a graduate of the Indigenous Employment program and currently a vivacious Yellow Water Cruise guide. I accompanied him home to meet up with his family. Most of all I was hoping that his Aunty Miranda was in the kitchen. She's well known for her cooking. 

After a chat with the household we all trail through the kitchen to see what Aunty Miranda was preparing. She was there, toiling away at the earth oven just about to put a 3kg freshly hunted cut of meat on. The meat was a section of crocodile tail. It looked bizarre as the skin was still on. Like a cut of pork in a Hermes handbag.  

The skin is kept on to retain the moisture in the meat and the meat is cooked in the earth oven for 3-4 hours. The meat has a strong fishy smell when being cooked, and ends up looking like pork. The meat is exceptionally lean, with little fat. When roasted the right way, and with a little salt this is the ultimate Top End Croc Chop. And what does it taste like? A cross between chicken and lobster.

Or so I'm told. My taste was a little more conventional that day and so I returned to Gagudju Lodge Cooinda and had some lamb chops and a bit of pasta. There probably wasn't enough croc to go round anyway.

"Gamuk Anmare Ginga" (Good tucker that croc!) 

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