Our Kakadu Experience...

by Admin 23. July 2013 22:51

Past Guests - Ben & Sue from Victoria, Australia

Kakadu has been on our ‘bucket list’ for many years, we thought what better way to begin summer holidays than to escape the cold weather and head to the Top End of Australia.

Arriving in Darwin and spending a few days exploring the history of the bombing of Darwin, Cyclone Tracey and Mindl Markets, the time had come to check Kakadu off our list!

A nice early start from Darwin allowed us to drive leisurely out to Kakadu. The Bark Hut is a stop I highly recommend – bacon sandwich was great!

From here we visited Ubirr Rock and Nourlangie Rock (beautiful aboriginal art sites) finally we made it to Cooinda where we did the sunset cruise on Yellow Water… The cruise surprised me! I thought it would be all crocodiles, but the nature and birdlife where indescribable!

The next morning we had another early start and went on the 4WD day tour that runs from Cooinda. We were very pleased to hear that Jim Jim and Twin Falls had only opened that weekend! I was so happy I decided not to hire a 4WD and drive ourselves – the road is definitely 4WD and got bumpy in some areas. Our guide, Lisa was extremely friendly and didn’t mind the questions from the Southerners! She is very passionate about her job and the land she works on which was brilliant to see.

First stop Jim Jim Falls! The walk is well worth it and although, in some moments climbing over the rocks you think to yourself this better be worth it! But persevere! The swim in Jim Jim Falls allows you to cool down and relax. We chose not to walk up to the top and enjoy some down time at the base of the falls. From here we got back in the vehicle and drove a short drive to Twin Falls. The boat service across was great, the guide (Kevin) again was extremely passionate about the land and stories he shared with us, the accompanying image is of a crocodile trap though... little scary!

The falls were just breathtaking… my wife and I looked at each other and thought – We had done it!! From Twin Falls we headed back to the lodge and had a steak! We were thankful to have the following day to relax by the pool.

A great experience! A big  thank you to all the staff in Kakadu National Park and Cooinda.



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Beautiful Gunlom... A must see!

by Admin 13. June 2013 21:14

Guest - Emma


After living in Darwin for numerous years, my partner and I finally made it out to Kakadu for a long weekend! Gunlom has been on my list of places to visit since moving to Darwin and seeing the movie Crocodile Dundee many years ago!


Setting off early from Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn to catch a sunrise cruise on Yellow Water Billabong (one of the highlights of our trip!) After the cruise we had breakfast in the restaurant at Cooinda, bought supplies for the day and set off to Gunlom.


After a 1.5 hour drive from Cooinda, we reached Gunlom! There were a few tour buses around in the carpark, so we headed straight for the walk up to the top (trying to avoid the crowds) The walk is 1km, but fairly steep in some areas... However the views of the Southern end of Kakadu National Park on the walk up are spectacular!


The walk took us about 15 minutes, and by the time we reached the top we were ready for a refreshing swim! I cannot describe the views from the top pools! They took our breath away! To think of such an 'infinity' like natural pool in the midst of a National Park...


If you are visiting Kakadu - ensure to visit Gunlom, you will not be disappointed!


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Magical Maguk...

by Admin 30. May 2013 22:42

Its coming into that wonderful time of the season when major attractions are opening!


When I heard the news Maguk was open, we decided it was a weekend must! Leaving Gagudju Lodge Cooinda, the drive took us about 45 minutes to the turnoff and a further 15 minutes after the turnoff, which we found the road to be rough at some points, but made our trip more adventurous! Who doesn't enjoy a little 4 Wheel Driving?!


From the carpark, there was a 2km walk to the base of the plunge pool, some of the walk was over rocks and creeks, so keep your eyes open! When we reached the base of the plunge pool, we had a picnic lunch, relaxed and had a refreshing swim.


The decision was made to walk to the top! I was surprised, I thought the walk would have been really difficult, but we took our time and enjoyed the views. When we reached the top there was lots of water running off the falls, and we found more swimming holes, waterfalls and caves to explore. Don't forget your camera!


Maguk should definitely be added to everyones bucket list! It was a highlight of our trip to Kakadu!


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A different side to Kakadu...

by Admin 6. March 2013 20:51

Guest - Bruce


My wife and I visited Kakadu in January 2013, this was our third time there in the past three years.

We usually visit Kakadu in July/August and visit the beautiful waterfalls that are open in the park. This year, we wanted to see something new and had heard that the wet season provided a completely different Kakadu experience - and we certainly weren't disappointed! 

As we drove from Darwin to Kakadu we instantly saw a difference in the surroundings, the trees and surrounding landscapes were greener than we'd ever seen. We arrived at Gagudju Lodge Cooinda, and although we've done the Yellow Water Cruise numerous times before, decided to do a sunset cruise. Right from the get go it was a unique experience, we usually get the shuttle from outside reception but as the carpark was flooded we had to embark from Home Billabong!

Despite taking the cruise before, our experience this time was completely different. We saw numerous baby crocodiles and their defensive mothers and the birdlife and fauna was just incredible!

The next day we traveled to the Mamukala Wetlands. Last year when we were here we saw thousands of magpie geese flying overhead. This visit we saw beautiful wetlands and with the storm rolling in it made for some fantastic pictures. We also seen some birds that we'd never seen before.

All in all visiting Kakadu during the wet did not disappoint, it was fantastic and I'd highly recommend it!


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Leichardt's Grasshopper

by Admin 18. January 2013 21:47

Our afternoon Gubara Adventure

Guest - Lisa Gambling

We set off early afternoon from Gagudju Lodge Cooinda heading towards Gubara in search of the famous Leichhardt's grasshopper that we had heard so much about!

A beautiful little insect with its bright orange-coloured body, marked with blue and bright red, and was named after explorer Ludwig Leichhardt.

The grasshopper is quite hard to find as it only eats a certain kind of plant called pityrodia, and is usually only found during the wet season.

Amazingly, we ended up finding a whole group of them just near the carpark, never thought it would be that easy! The sneaky little insects kept moving behind the leaves and hiding thinking we couldn’t see them!

We then set off on the 3k trek towards Gubara pools. Walking along the escarpment is breathtaking. We heard thunder in the distance and then the heavy tropical rain started - which made it look even more like a beautiful rainforest. We were in Paradise!

All the pools were flowing and there are lots of rocks and caves to explore.

Well worth visiting Kakadu in the wet season - a very different experience to the dry season! 


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Christmas in Kakadu

by Admin 3. January 2013 02:37

Hotel Guest - Colleen

Waking up in the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn was a different experience this Christmas! The pillow menu made it hard for me to make it down to for breakfast! My brother and I exchanged presents by the poolside after breakfast, then headed off on our mini adventure before Christmas lunch. Nourlangie Rock was spectacular, and surprisingly not too hot in the morning time (I highly recommend seeing this site).


We continued on to Cooinda, and took advantage of the air conditioning at Warradjan Cultural Centre, followed by a Yellow Water Cruise. This would be the highlight of our trip - the birdlife and nature were spectacular! Even my brother (a Jabiru local) had not yet experienced Yellow Waters and will definitely be back.


We headed back for some Christmas lunch at the hotel, the restaurant was full of couples, family and children. It was lovely to see the excitement on the children's faces when Santa came to deliver presents for them!


The buffet was beautiful, a great selection of hot and cold food. The dessert selection topped it off, the pavlova was absolute heaven!


Overall a great Christmas in Kakadu, I will definitely be back!


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